One of the common reasons to get a hosting server of your own is the fact you will have comprehensive control over the software environment and you could install anything you wish. This will permit you to run apps that require certain software to be present on the machine, which is not possible with a shared hosting server in which you can install software just in the account, but not on a root level. If you aren't very acquainted with such matters, nonetheless, you may come across issues because managing a server of your own differs from managing a standard shared web hosting account. In this light, we offer an upgrade with our hosting server packages called Installation & Troubleshooting, thus our administrators will be able to handle a variety of tasks that should be done or can resolve various issues that you may experience.

Installation and Troubleshooting in Dedicated Servers Hosting

In the event that you require our upgrade for any reason, you could add it to your dedicated server with several mouse clicks through the billing Control Panel or if you will need some custom work on the server immediately after it is put in place, you can acquire the upgrade during the signup procedure and tell us what do you require to be performed, so everything will be ready once your server is working. 60 minutes of custom work are included to your account every time you acquire the upgrade, so you can employ this service as frequently as you need. If some task requires less time to be completed, you won't lose the remaining minutes and they'll be available for future tasks. Our upgrade will permit you to focus on developing and advertising your sites without wasting time on maintaining the dedicated hosting server or the software set up on it. You may take advantage of it if you also use our Managed Services upgrade, but the 30 min it provides are not sufficient to complete all tasks which you require.